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Being rooted in the Pacific Northwest is a feeling the people of the Pacific Northwest share; a love of place, the wild, all things green, and being close to water - whether it's in the air, on a mountain, a cold river, or the powerful Pacific Ocean.

We are rooted in the solid relationships we’ve cultivated over decades with our natural surroundings and the wildlife we share it with.

We enjoy our healthy lifestyle: long walks, bike rides with friends, skiing and for the more adventurous surfing. We value relationships with our food growers and processors who align with our standards, reflect our integrity and share our deep respect for this plant. We are eager to share our knowledge to provide a kind, compassionate environment.

A Little Slice of Heaven

What Makes the Pacific Northwest so great?

Many areas have plentiful rainfall and mild summers, the Pacific Northwest has some of North America's most lush and extensive forests, which are extensively populated with Coast Douglas fir trees, the second tallest growing evergreen conifer on earth. The region also contains specimens of the tallest trees on earth, the coast redwoods, in southwestern Oregon, but the largest of these trees are located just south of the California border in northwestern California. Coastal forests in some areas are classified as temperate rain forest. More at Wikipedia.